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Mission Network News Prayer Requests:

1. We made it through the first quarter of 2015. God has been gracious. Pray that God will provide the funding needed to allow MNN to not only do what we’re currently doing, but do more.

2. Pray that Mission Network News would be able to expand the network to offer our broadcast on even more radio stations, website hosts, and become a resources for churches around the world.

3. Ask the Lord to heal the sister of MNN’s Laurelle Terrero, who’s battling cancer.

4. Pray for Greg Yoder’s wife who’s battling excruciating neck pain (as of April 1). Pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors.

5. Pray for the MNN leadership team as we plan for the future and discuss ways to encourage even more Christians to pray, give and go.

6. Pray that friends of Mission Network News will support this ministry financially. As one person said, “I view MNN as the modern-day Scribes of the New Testament Church. MNN is telling the world what God and His people are doing to grow His Kingdom and His Church. People need to support you. If if wasn’t for MNN how would we know what’s going on?”

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