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The web is becoming accessible on more and more devices these days, and MNN wants to be there on all of them. We’re still working on some, but we have some available now.

Our podcast allows you to automate the downloading of our daily audio. You can then listen on your computer or have it automatically placed on your portable mp3 player every day!
RSS Format
RSS is an XML format for presenting news in a portable format. It is not easily readable by itself, but it can be pulled into web sites and formatted, as well as being importable by programs like Evolution.

Featured Mission Trip

Land of Our Fathers - 04/22/2014

Location: Middle East
Two thousand years ago, the gospel began to spread from the Land of our Fathers to the world. Today, more than 11 million people live in the region; however, there are only roughly 3,500 who claim to be evangelical Christians. The body of Christ in the Holy Land, this tiny minority within a minority, has...
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