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Published on 24 September, 2013

15 kids and a teacher turn to Christ at summer camp

Russia (MNN) — Can you help disciple new believers in Russia?

Kids learn Bible stories through a craft project. (Image courtesy SOAR)

Kids learn Bible stories through a craft project. (Image courtesy SOAR)

SOAR International Ministries shared the Gospel with around 45 kids this summer at week-long camps. SOAR’s Greg Mangione says they saw the love of Christ transform Russia’s orphans, even in such a short span of time.

“To see their attitudes improve; see them go from frowning and not really wanting to be there to being excited and happy to be there…it’s really neat to see,” says Mangione.

“In the end, I’m happy to report that we had at least 15 children that came to accept the Lord in their lives.”

At SOAR’s summer camps, the truth of God’s Word is taught and demonstrated through Bible lessons, drama, devotions, music, counseling, and the witness of SOAR ministry team members.

“We had an excellent group of Russians and Americans come together to work with [the kids],” Mangione says.

And, it wasn’t just the kids who found hope in Christ this summer.

“One of the teachers that accompanied the children from the orphanages also made a step to accept the Lord,” shares Mangione.

She almost didn’t make it to the camp, he adds. If it weren’t for the encouragement and persistence of Christian friends, this young lady wouldn’t have accompanied the children to SOAR’s summer camp.

“It’ll be pretty interesting, pretty neat when she returns and can share with her Christian friends that she did in fact make a step toward salvation,” Mangione says.

When the camps conclude, each child receives a Bible and SOAR counselors encourage them to keep reading the Word of God daily. Now, SOAR’s friends in Russia are doing what they can to boost discipleship efforts. They’re trying to get local churches involved too.

Help their financial efforts go further here.

“We were really encouraged,” says Mangione. “We saw, very clearly, the Lord work through that time.”

Pray each new believer grows deeper in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for successful discipleship courses to begin.

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Call to action

  • Pray for successful discipleship courses to begin.
  • Pray each new believer grows deeper in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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