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Published on 22 September, 2009

7,000 gumballs to share hope

USA (MNN) — What do seven thousand gumballs and Bible
translation have in common? You'll find
the answer in the lobby of Wycliffe Bible Translators headquarters.

There, a large case contains 7,000 gumballs, each one representing an individual who is praying for
those who don't have a Bible in their language. When someone signs up to pray
for a Bible-less people group, another gumball is dropped in. 

Last year, the number of gumballs reached 7,000. As the
number of prayer teams increases, the number of language groups needing a
translator will decrease.

The Wycliffe Prayer team wants to add more gumballs, since
there are still over 2,000 languages still needing Scripture in their heart

Pray that the integrity of God's Word is maintained as it is
translated. Pray for quality translations that speak to the hearts of Bible-less people. According to Wycliffe, many are residents
in, or displaced from, countries with poor political and social conditions.

Pray that those involved in the Bible translation task would
not grow weary or give up before the work is complete. The task is large and challenging.

To find out how you can be a gumball, click here.


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