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Published on 13 September, 2006

75 year foundation supports new outreach vision for next century.

Ecuador (MNN)–HCJB World Radio started its ministry with just 200 watts of power, 75 years ago in Quito, Ecuador.

Today, they’ve grown into an international group with a foundation in both mass media and healthcare. Over the last decade, they’ve established five regional offices, which revealed the need for training.

HCJB World Radio President, David Johnson says this is the vision for their future. “We’ve established training schools for both mass media. We’ve been expanding, here in Latin America, our healthcare training.” Their vision is to work with medical partners around the world, putting “hands and feet” to their broadcasting outreach.

Vision and training help create an optimism about the future as the ministries expand in Ecuador and beyond. “We’re moving in this area to create a huge mobilization center that has all the way from accredited degree programs down to short term two-week, three-week training programs.”

The strategy is repeated again in the radio planting efforts. Teams nurture long-term relationships in order to partner with local groups around the world to make local radio available in an appropriate context.

75 years of celebrating God’s faithfulness–laying the groundwork toward discipleship. HCJB World Radio’s works to provide nationals with practical tools to equip the growing church around the world and see lives transformed.

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