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Published on 20 September, 2017

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DOOR leader captivates FOBAI audience

PUBLISHED ON 21 April, 2017 BY Katey Hearth

International (MNN) -- The Forum of Bible Agencies International, or FOBAI, just ended its annual summit. For only the second time in the forum’s history, a Deaf believer led one of the sessions. “Several people in the audience said that it was the best presentation out of the entire forum. I was so encouraged to see Deaf leaders taking their place in the realm of Bible translation.” That’s Rob Myers of DOOR International. Tesfaye – the Deaf presenter – is one of DOOR’s consultants-in-training. He was previously known as the one not even God could save. “He was feared in the Ethiopian Deaf community and he was known as someone you needed to stay away from. He first got involved in Bible translation, not because he was interested in the translation itself, but because it gave him the opportunity to travel. And then, all of a sudden, he encountered the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. Tesfaye had no idea what that crucifixion actually meant, but as he went through the process of beginning to translate that passage…he suddenly realized everything that his Savior had done for him. And, in light of that amazing sacrifice, Tesfaye couldn’t do anything but surrender his life to his amazing Savior…and his life radically changed. I’m encouraged just even knowing Tesfaye’s story because it reassures me that no one is too far for the Gospel…and the Gospel is for everyone. It’s for the Deaf, it’s for the hearing. It’s for people who are far off from God, or the people who think they are close to God.”

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Protests continue in crisis-swamped Venezuela

PUBLISHED ON 21 April, 2017 BY Julie Bourdon

Venezuela (MNN) -- Since late March, protests have overtaken the streets of Venezuela. Demonstrators accuse President Maduro of trying to seize total dictatorial power. Voice of America says in the last three weeks alone, eight people have been killed in the protests. Steve Shantz is the International Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean for Trans World Radio. He says until political peace is found, little progress can be made against another problem: the growing economic crisis. “On the ground, the situation there is very dire. And Venezuela has also seen an increase like never before of violent crime and poverty. Their inflation rate is currently at 679 percent, and they expect that by 2018, if things continue the way they are, that inflation will be up around 2,000 percent.” Tensions are high. Starving people are desperate people. But Trans World Radio is encouraging the Church through their radio programming. And the Church has become a hub of grace as they serve their communities. But, they need your support: “The Christians in Venezuela are asking us, in North America, to pray for them -- to pray for a solution to the situation.”

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Earth Day, creation stewardship, and the Great Commission

PUBLISHED ON 21 April, 2017 BY Lyndsey Koh

International (MNN) -- Tomorrow is Earth Day, and Food for the Hungry says care for God’s creation is important for several reasons. Gary Edmonds with FH gives Kenya as an example. "About 30 percent of the population actually had forests. When there were forests, the watershed was established and sustained, the environment for animals, the crop life continued to flourish and grow, people were not as impoverished in those days. Then, all of a sudden, people began to cut down all of the trees, the forests, to a place where it was recognized probably about six years ago that it was down to three percent of the landmass of Kenya actually had forests on it any longer. That increased drought conditions, that increased issues related to water, [and] poverty levels began to rise quite dramatically." Food for the Hungry supports reforestation projects, water sustainability, and teaches farmers good agriculture practices. And it’s all done to the tenor of the Gospel, as God commands us to steward His creation. "We’ll actually teach them, what are the biblical values, what is the biblical relational or the reason behind doing what we’re doing?" Learn more about earth stewardship ministries in the FULL STORY.

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