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Published on 25 September, 2017

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Church in Japan leaves the bar for new building

PUBLISHED ON 13 September, 2017 BY Reagan Hoezee

Japan (MNN) -- A couple of months ago, we told you about pastor Takahiro Ami in Japan who held his church services in a bar. Well, Joe Handley with Asian Access has an encouraging update: “So they’ve now found a new facility. They were able to make a shift from this bar to a new place, and it gives them more access to reaching out. It’s actually in a location that is better situated for all of what they’re trying to do.” Ami is part of a group of younger pastors dedicated to growing the church in Japan. Handley asks that you pray for him as he casts a bold new vision. “They have said, in order to truly impact Japan for Christ, we need a church just like every convenience store, which basically is every corner in Japan. And they’ve done studies, and there are 55,000 convenience stores in the entire nation. And so now this generation is bold enough with just about 8,000 churches to say, ‘We need to go big and pray for 55,000 churches in the coming years ahead.’” Want to hear more about Pastor Ami’s story and how God is moving in Japan? Check out the FULL STORY.

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Deaf individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey need assistance

PUBLISHED ON 13 September, 2017 BY Lyndsey Koh

USA (MNN) -- When natural disasters strike, there are obstacles everyone faces, like where to go for safety and how to find clean water. However, the Deaf community faces additional hurdles that make relief and information hard to access. Jason Suhr with Deaf Bible Society explains, "We struggle most of the time with communication. We tend to depend on technology or, if we need to, paper and pencil. But you know the question is, with paper, if you can find it and find a dry one in that situation. So we feel that the issue is really preventing a lot of good communication." The struggle to communicate in disaster situations is a big one. It makes the difference in how easy or hard it is for the Deaf to get food, water, safety announcements, shelter, spiritual encouragement, and legal assistance - just to name a few. That’s why Deaf Bible Society has set up a Go Fund Me to raise support for the needs of the Deaf community affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Their funding goal is to raise $20,000 and currently they have almost one-quarter of the funds raised. We’ll give you the link to donate in the FULL STORY! "And also pray that people would be touched to donate to that as well, and pray for the Deaf community to find groups that they can connect with and that can help them as well with their situation."

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Bangladesh: where the rain keeps coming

PUBLISHED ON 13 September, 2017 BY Beth Stolicker

Bangladesh (MNN) -- While the United States begins recovery from two recent hurricanes, Bangladesh is still being flooded by heavy monsoon rains. FMI’s Bruce Allen shares; “Middle of August, one day in particular, nearly the equivalent of a week’s worth of monsoon rain (so not just normal rain but monsoon rain) was dumped across parts of Bangladesh in just a couple of hours. It’s not just that there was this monsoon or like a hurricane for a week, but since June it has been raining. So, more than fifty-one-thousand people in Bangladesh have had to be relocated to emergency flood shelters.” How long these Bangladeshi's will need to take refuge in the shelters is unknown. It could be weeks or months before they’re able to return home. “They have there the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, and they’re saying the flooding in Bangladesh is the most serious it’s been in forty years. Seven-hundred-thousand homes [have been] either partially or totally destroyed” In one of the world’s poorest countries, livelihoods have been ruined. About a third to half of Bangladeshis are estimated to work in agriculture. But now, with their crops under water, the country is anticipating food shortages in the future. There has also been rising concern about water borne diseases. So please, if you would, pray for Bangladesh. Pray for the rains to stop and a quick recovery. And pray for Bangladeshi Christians to continue sharing the Gospel, along with Christ’s love and compassion in this hard time. Find more details in the FULL STORY!

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