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Published on 22 September, 2017

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DACA to end March 2018

PUBLISHED ON 14 September, 2017 BY Beth Stolicker

USA (MNN) -- Thousands of people protected under DACA could be deported starting March of 2018. But what exactly is DACA? InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Greg Jao shares; “DACA is Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals. And this is a program created under the Obama administration, by executive order, which permits children who were brought to the United States as minors by their parents, and was undocumented, to essentially have a waiver on any attempt to remove them from the United States.” Once recipients meet the DACA requirements, they’re afforded the chance to attend college, work legally, and build a better future. But all of that is about to change. “Pray directly for DACA recipients. Regardless of how you feel, whether DACA should continue or not, I think it’s always right for the Church to pray for people who are undergoing stress, anxiety, and fear; and that the people experiencing that would encounter the love and comfort that Jesus provides. I also think that it would be appropriate to pray for members of Congress to act on a legislative solution in ways that both recognize our desire to be a compassionate people as well as a people who do believe that the rule of law applies to everyone.”

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A unified Church serves local communities better

PUBLISHED ON 14 September, 2017 BY Julie Bourdon

USA (MNN) -- Yesterday morning dozens of Christians met together and prayed for Church unity in West Michigan. This part of the United States falls into what’s known as the Bible belt, and it’s often described as having ‘a church on every corner.’ But Joe Stowell, President of Cornerstone University says maybe this area isn’t as saturated with the Gospel as we might assume: “I think we look like that on the outside, but I think we’re over-churched and under-saved, if you want to be honest about it. You know, West Michigan has a lot of wealth here, but there’s a spiritual poverty.” Physical poverty also exists in many of the neighborhoods. That’s what makes this area a great candidate for “City Fest,” a cooperative effort with the Luis Palau Association to serve and transform communities. Stowell explains: “They’re coming into West Michigan into the corridor between Holland and Grand Rapids to enable us and to work with us in coming together as the Body of Christ in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ into the hearts and lives of so many who are yet waiting to hear Him, and also to bring the love of Christ into the neighborhoods that are broken and in desperate need of help.” Events begin next summer, culminating with the big festival September 8 and 9. Pray for unity as hundreds of churches begin preparations now. Find the details in FULL STORY.

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Satellite television ministry spreads God’s love to the Middle East

PUBLISHED ON 14 September, 2017 BY Reagan Hoezee

Middle East (MNN) -- In countries where shame is used as a tool to change people’s behavior, the love of Christ can have a powerful effect. That’s what Dr. Mike Ansari says is the mission behind Mohabat TV, a Christian satellite television ministry to Farsi-speaking people. “It is a partnership of many ministries, over 80 ministries coming together to create a platform where we reach out with a message of Gospel, a non-threatening, non-political message of the love of Father to his Son Jesus Christ.” Dr. Ansari says people are turning from Islam to find new spiritual truth in different religions. Though the government is going to great lengths to eradicate Iran of any Christian influence, the Church is growing faster than ever before. “We hear a lot of negative news about Iran, about what is going on in the country of Iran. But we wanted to go ahead and focus on the positive. God is alive. The Spirit of God is moving in Iran. The Church is growing in Iran. World Mission in 2016 announced that the underground church in Iran is among one of the fastest growing churches in the entire world. So it is a good news that needs to be celebrated.” Can you help Mohabat TV continue spreading Christ’s love to Iran? Pray that God would continue to bless their ministry. You can find other ways to get involved in the FULL STORY.

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