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Published on 25 February, 2013

A community in Kenya is getting a library

Kenya (MNN) — Do you have Christian books on your book shelf collecting dust? Many of us do, and Christian Resources International (CRI) is asking for you to consider donating your gently-used Christian books to their ministry.

When CRI receives donations of Bibles and other Christian resources, they put them to good use. Many people around the world do not have access to Christian literature, and this is one way for them to hear about Jesus Christ. CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says, "Last year alone, we sent $5.8 million in free Bibles and Christian teaching tools to 16 countries around the world."

Right now, CRI is filling a sea container with books bound for Kenya. It's a "20-foot container filled with used books valued at approximately $365,000–Bibles and Christian teaching tools," Woolford says.

What is unique about this situation is what is going to happen once the sea container reaches Kenya. "We've purchased the sea container to serve in a remote area as a lending library, to hold evangelistic materials for that area in Kenya. So the container itself will become a library," Woolford explains.

The container alone is not a cheap purchase, but CRI sees the benefit of using it as a library. "That container will hold 25,000-30,000 copies of Bibles, commentaries, Christian resource materials," Woolford says.

These resources will be able to touch thousands of people, Woolford adds. "We will also have a central location for them to come and be able to check books in and out."

Woolford explains CRI's outlook. "We break it down to this: to share, send, and sew God's Word. So when people share the books they have on their shelves and send them in to us, it allows us to send them back around the world, therefore sewing God's Word in the lives of people."

Pray that through this library many lives will be touched with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Click here to find out how you can donate the Christian books on your shelf with those who have very little.

2 responses to “A community in Kenya is getting a library”

  1. Evelyn says:

    How can we get books for pastors reference in our Christian library which is young and has only less than thirty books in malaba border kenya

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