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Published on 16 April, 2013

A new director for a new orphanage

Haiti (MNN) — Despite poor living conditions, the people of Haiti have an enormous amount of endurance, hope, and dignity. With about 9 million people living in Haiti, it is one of the poorest countries in the world.

In recent years, the number of children forced to live on the streets has grown. Before the earthquake in 2010, there were over 380,000 orphans. After the quake, aid workers feared the island would have to look after as many as one million children.

The earthquake destroyed many buildings, and many groups were overwhelmed by the sudden increase of children in need of care, support, and more. Orphan's Hear already had a presence in the quake zone through the Foundation Foyer des Enfants Demunies orphanage in Bon Repos. However, the building was leveled in the disaster.

None of the children were hurt, but it forced the displacement of more than 54 children. More than 50 children from the orphanage are living in tents or in temporary foster homes until construction of the new orphanage can be completed.

Orphan's Heart launched into the project with the help of Sarah Cooman, their new director for the program who will also be starting up the new orphanage in Haiti. She's a good fit because of her Elementary Education background in Special Education in the States. She also speaks Creole and loves working in Haiti.

Part of her role includes supervising the construction that is already underway and interviewing staff. She also finds herself facilitating a ladies' Bible study, even as the sounds of building echo in the background. A regular feature of the ministry team, the Bible study started in February with a handful of participants and now has grown to nearly 100 ladies on a regular basis.

People in that community feel that someone cares for them and that there is hope for them. Some are starting to come to Pastor Vilbrun's church next door. Pray that this ministry will continue to get donations to pay for Bibles and the little food packets, and that medical teams will soon be a part of the outreach.

It's becoming a race to the finish now. Crews are in the drywall process and have started tiling in the bathroom. Some of the other workers are starting to paint the outside sign  Pray that the construction will continue without delay. Ask God to give Sarah guidance as she begins this new journey.


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