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Published on 05 March, 2004

A set back for children’s ministry in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan (MNN) — Kazakhstan’s predominant Muslims targeting children’s ministry. Earlier in the week MNN reported that Bible Mission International was celebrating the authorities decision to drop the case against their children’s ministry.

Bible Mission International’s Malcolm Smith says the head of their children’s ministry was summoned by authorities in December and told he didn’t have the right to do his work outside the church. He says, “It was at that time that he was informed what he was doing was illegal.”

Later the charges were dropped. But, that situation has since changed. The worker in Kazakhstan writes, “The defense attorney of this case filed protest demanding retrial against me. Now the case goes to the state court level. The enemy of mankind, including that of children, is dead set against the Word of God being sown in the hearts ofchildren.”

While no court date has been set, BMI leaders are asking people to pray that God will intervene in the process.

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