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Published on 16 August, 2010

Believers forced to flee from their homes

Iraq (MNN) — "Get up! Grab your things. We need to
go!" Imagine these words said in panic, as you and your family are
given less than 24 hours to gather your belongings and leave your home in Iraq.

Open Doors USA says for thousands of Iraqi Christians, this
scenario has become a real life nightmare, as extremist Muslims force them to
either leave their homes or pay with their lives.

Often, believers only have time to grab a few essentials and
leave with the clothes on their back. Among these items is usually a Bible, as
they cling to it and its message of hope.

To help these refugees, Open Doors is aiding in the set up
medical projects, as well as distributing emergency packs, which include basic

However, their response is dependent on faithful supporters
lending their gifts and prayers.

Pray that God will grant courage to these fleeing families.
Pray that they will not back down from their faith, even in the midst of

Also, you can give financial support to Open Doors USA's relief efforts by
clicking here.

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  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Evangelical: 0.2%
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