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Published on 27 May, 2013

Bible sticks help troops, families

USA (MNN) — While Americans remember their fallen heroes on Memorial Day, Faith Comes By Hearing wants to help soldiers and their families. That's been their focus through their Military Bible Stick program.

Bill Lohr, spokesman for FCBH, says they've asked churches and people like you to help with an ambitious goal. "We have over 1,000 churches, believe it or not, that are going to be presenting this project to their congregations over this weekend and next weekend, on or around Memorial Day. We're trying to raise funds for 12,000 Military Biblesticks."

At a cost of $25 each, that's a goal of $300,000. While each Military Biblestick is going to a member of the military, this outreach actually impacts a soldier's entire family. "In addition to the Biblestick which goes to a soldier (which is what $25 covers), the soldier can send us a reply card [with] their spouse's name and their kids, and we're going to get mp3 discs out to the family, as well," says Lohr.

Military Biblesticks are mp3 players that play the New Testament in audio. They're specifically made to be carried by soldiers in battle zones.

The program started in 2008. Lohr says, "We had an order of about 1,000 to start the program, and we weren't sure what those would look like. Those went within six weeks. Since 2008, we just surpassed 290,000 Biblesticks that are out there. Probably by the middle of June, we'll be over 300,000."

While 290,000 soldiers have received the Biblesticks, the impact is far reaching — even beyond family members. "These Biblesticks are being passed around while they're there, so it's really even more of an impact."

In recent weeks, proselytism in the military has been slammed by atheist group. Lohr says, "This might be the only way that God can speak to our troops with all of the things that are going on. We can get these to the chaplains. The chaplains can get these to the troops, and God's Word will speak directly to them."

A $100 gift can supply four military families with God's Word. Click here to donate.

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