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Published on 10 September, 2003

Bibles are being printed and distributed in Vietnam

Vietnman (MNN) — Portions of Scripture will be allowed in Vietnam. In fact it’ll be printed and distributed there. Unbelievable?

World Bible Translation Center Richard Loh is with the World Bible Translation Center. “This indeed is a significant milestone for World Bible Translation Center and the church in Vietnam, because Vietnam is a communist country. It has very restrictive policies on Bible printing and distribution. So, for us to be granted this approval it is definitely a step forward for Christians.”

Loh says it’s going to take some time to get the Bibles produced. “We are looking at another two or three months for these Bibles to be released from the government presses in the country.” According to Loh they will be printing about 20-thousand New Testaments.

Loh says the translation is very special. He says, “This new translation of the Bible is a modern translation that uses modern, contemporary Vietnamese language.” He says, “so, it will be very, very suitable for new believers. Not only for new believers, but also for those who are hearing the Gospel, the Good News for the first time.”

He says God’s word is urgently needed in Vietnam. Loh says, “The predominant religion in that country is Buddhism and Animism. As a result of this, there are many who have a deep need that requires the Gospel.”

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