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Published on 27 June, 2012

BibleStick need soars before July 4th

USA (FCBH/MNN) — Patriotism often sweeps the nation in preparation for America’s birthday on the 4th of July.

That patriotism can also be seen in ministries to U.S. troops. Requests for Faith Comes By Hearing Military BibleSticks have been in an unexpected uptick.

More than 80 chaplain appeals came in to the ministry during the first two weeks of June, asking for over 20,000 Military BibleSticks.

Faith Comes By Hearing began their military outreach program with the development of a deployment-friendly BibleStick in 2007. The first shipments of the pocket-sized digital audio devices that contain the entire New Testament went out in 2008.

Since then, more than 218,000 units have been given free-of-charge to more than 1,000 chaplains who distribute them during pre-deployment briefings, counseling sessions, chapel services, Bible studies, and upon direct request of service members.

While a surge in demand can quickly deplete the ministry's inventory, FCBH continues to view that as a blessing in disguise.

"We really have to work diligently year-round to meet the ongoing requests from chaplains, but the reward for us and our great donors is knowing that more and more of our troops have access to God's Word with their very own BibleStick," comments Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing Vice-President.

Much of the support for the program comes from individual donors, many responding to on-air campaigns done on Christian radio and TV. However, most of the support has come directly from the American church.

Incredibly, some 5,000 congregations—including nearly 280 churches that will present the project around the 4th of July holiday—have partnered with FCBH to ensure that our brave men and women in uniform continue to receive this much-needed spiritual resource free of charge.

"As we celebrate our country's birthday, we need to remember and honor those who are defending the freedom and independence we cherish," continues Carl. "We will continue to do that by providing God's Word in audio for their spiritual protection as they continue to protect us."

Please pray for U.S. troops in these days leading to the birthday of the country they fight for. Pray for their salvation and protection.

To provide a Military BibleStick to a soldier and his family for just $25, click here.

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