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Published on 11 June, 2013

Brazilian couple starts new church in Paris

France (MNN) — Gustavo and Dalila Faleiro came to France three years ago with The Mission Society.

"A lot of French people are coming to Brazil; a lot of Brazilians are going to France. So I really believe that God's opened a beautiful door for us as Brazilians," Gustavo told MNN in early 2010.

The Faleiros are working alongside La Fonderie, a ministry of The Mission Society whose purpose is to "reach French people for Christ by encouraging, inspiring, and discipling Christians working in the arts and creative professions."

As Gustavo and Dalila began sharing the Gospel, they found very few churches to send new believers to. In addition, new Christ-followers felt they already had a faith community in the Faleiros and La Fonderie.

"We were discipling people long before we directly shared the Gospel message with them," Gustavo says. "We had developed deep relationships with these people, and they trusted us. They wanted to go to church with us."

Within the Paris city limits, Gustavo says, approximately 50 churches accommodate a population of 2 million. With few resources and resistance among new believers to trying "a new and different church," the Faleiro's decided to start their own.

Although in its early stages, the Eglise Bonne Nouvelle already shows promise. Around 200 people attended the first worship service. Hundreds came to a special event held in March, and 50 to 70 people come each Sunday.

Pray that this church shines as a "light on a hill" in the City of Lights.

It's located in an old theatre building on Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, which means "Good News Boulevard."

"The name of the church, Eglise Bonne Nouvelle (Good News Church), seems like it is simply based on the location," says Gustavo. "But once people hear the Good News of Jesus, they realize that it has a much deeper meaning."

He says a sense of family is growing.

"People are developing relationships, praying for one another, and supporting each other," Gustavo says. "Many people want to know more about Jesus, His Kingdom, and His Word."

By clicking here, you can come alongside the Faleiros financially.

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