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Published on 10 February, 2014

Briefing on religious freedom gives evangelicals voice

USA (MNN) — Religious freedom was the issue of the day in Washington, D.C. last week. Government and evangelical leaders gathered in the U.S. capital for a briefing on religious freedom in the former Soviet Union and Eurasia.

Russian Ministries President Sergey Rakhuba (2nd from left) in Washington for briefing

Russian Ministries President Sergey Rakhuba
(2nd from left) in Washington for briefing.

Russian Ministries sponsored the event. Their Director of Religious Freedom Issues, Wade Kusack, says they heard country reports “from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, who bring their reports about the situation and what’s going on in those countries, recent law changes, and persecution of the churches.”

They also presented ideas on how to cooperate with authorities and restore religious freedom. Kusack says many of these government representatives attended. “As a result of this briefing, evangelicals will be included into this dialogue. Their opinions will be heard by people who are making decisions. Governments of these countries will see evangelicals are respected all over the world and well connected.”

While religious freedom continues to decline in many of these nations, Kusack believes this briefing will allow them to have a seat at the table of negotiations with government leaders.

If that happens, the prayer is to see each restrictive and Christians law over-turned in each country.

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  • Pray that God will use the briefing to give Christians a voice in these countries.

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