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Published on 01 March, 2013

Christian Aid NRB focus on ‘Go Tribal’ outreach to revolutionize missions

USA (MNN/ANS) — Thousands of Christian media professionals will be getting a preview of a revolutionary new mission program this weekend at the NRB Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Raul Hernandez, the Christian Aid Mission "Go Tribal" mission program is an "amazing way" to re-engage missions outreach from cash-strapped, struggling smaller churches in the USA. It provides a low-budget way to help churches continue to complete the task of world evangelization in our generation.

"For as little as $300 a month, a small or medium-sized church can now sponsor an indigenous missionary team reaching out to an unengaged or unreached tribe, tongue, or nation," says Hernandez, a former church planter and newly appointed as development director for Christian Aid.

Read more about the "Go Tribal" program here.

Hernandez and donor relations staff from Christian Aid will be available to introduce the new program at both the International Reception on Saturday and at Kiosk K3 in front of the registration desk at the NRB Convention.

Mission's recruiters for Overseas Students Mission say that they personally envision thousands of new native missionaries being sponsored under Go Tribal. Many in the USA will be called to this from among international students or from ethnic churches, but most will be re-deployed by indigenous missions already on the mission fields.

"In fact," says Hernandez, "this is the only way that we can penetrate lands and places where American missionaries are no longer welcome or able to plant churches–lands like China, India, and all the Islamic countries of North Africa where American church planters are forbidden to go by law.

"At last there is no political barrier for American churches wanting to reach these groups, since they can now safely and economically sponsor indigenous missionaries who can do the critical ground work."

Hernandez adds, "This is what American pastors have been waiting for: a way to personally engage their congregations and sponsor effective native missionaries–gospel workers who are vetted by Christian Aid, men and women with real names and faces whom they can deputize and may someday be able to visit!

"Our prayer at NRB 2013 is that many media leaders will help us get the word out so that American churches, missions, and Bible schools can quickly adjust to the new realities of the mission field today."

Christian Aid was founded by a former missionary to China, Bob Finley, in 1953 as a way to send international students and foreign visitors back to their homelands as missionaries to reach all nations with the Gospel. It now represents over 800 indigenous mission groups which deploy over 80,000 native missionary workers among 3000 ethno linguistic groups.

E-mail to find out how churches can "Go Tribal in Missions."

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