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Published on 19 April, 2013

Christians believe they will die in Syria

Syria (MNN) — Syrian rebels have taken a military base in central Homs as the group continues to expand its grip on the region. The violence continues to claim lives in Syria, and Syrians are caught. Christians are doing everything they can to help the refugees who have left Syria, as well as those still inside.

E3 Partners is involved in helping in both circumstances. E3 vice president and Middle East expert says the Gospel is having an impact. "The Syrian refugees who are predominately Sunni Muslims have softened toward believers in the region who are reaching out to them."

Muslims have been fighting Muslims, Doyle explains. "There's danger all around them, and the only group that they're trusting are the Christians because they don't want anything from them. They're just serving them and reaching out. We've seen a significant number come to faith in Christ."

This kind of outreach is risky, especially inside Syria. Doyle says one of their partners, Ahman*, could be in trouble. "We have not been able to hear from him or his family for five weeks now–over a month! What we're praying is that he's just gone underground to stay out of the radar of those that might want to kidnap him or even want to kill him."

Doyle says more than nominal Muslims are meeting Jesus. "There are breakthroughs. We know of even religious Sunni Muslims who have embraced Jesus during this difficult time. There are some underground church things going on."

While good things are happening, Christians are prepared for the worst. Doyle tells us what one Christian said to him: "We fully expect to die. We believe that's what is coming: that we'll be martyred. But we're not leaving. God has placed us here, our people need us, the Gospel is moving through during this wicked time, and we're not going."

Doyle is asking Christians to join their 8:38 prayer initiative for Christians in harm's way. You can find them easily on If you'd like to donate to the Syrian refugees, click here.

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