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Published on 11 May, 2004

Christians in Kazakhstan continue to train new believers.

Kazakhstan (MNN)– Kazakhstan is the largest of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia’s territory, excluding Russia.

Believers continue to try and nurture their faith under the country’s draconian religion laws. With the country starting to gear up for parliamentary elections in October, many changes could be forthcoming.

Bible Mission International urges prayer in light of that. A missions conference will take place this week whose purpose is to encourage the spread of the Gospel.

Many of the attendees will be the church planters responsible for starting new churches among the Eurasian population. Pray for protection of the participants who will come from all over Central Asia to attend this conference.

Pray for their safety as they travel, that God would encourage them in their faith and service to Him, and that the Central Asia 300 project will bring much fruit for eternity.

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About Kazakhstan

  • Primary Language: Kazakh
  • Primary Religion: Islam
  • Evangelical: 0.7%
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