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Published on 24 August, 2007

Christians look to expand water wells in India

India (MNN) — The increasing violence facing Christians in India today isn't stopping Living Water International from their work in that predominately Hindu nation.

LWI's Dennis Anderson was recently in India. He says persecution against believers used to be worse in the north. "The south is catching up to the north in terms of persecution. And some of the governors, or chief ministers, are trying to push through anti-conversion laws or laws against evangelism. It's getting to be a delicate situation."

While Living Water International is a Christian organization, that fact isn't stopping their work. It's amazing because, Anderson says, "Everything we do is in conjunction with the local church. [The government's] not holding us back, for obvious reasons. [If we're doing the work], the government doesn't have to pay for it."

That gives LWI ministry opportunities that some other Christian groups wouldn't have. Anderson says it's more than drilling wells, though. "Besides the physical water, there's the spiritual water application, plus we want to do everything we can to foster church growth."

Living Water International would like to do away with open "hole" wells and replace them with closed wells with either hand pumps or electric pumps. Anderson says local Christians are excited about expansion. "Some of our India partners are amiable to expanding into Pakistan and or Bangladesh." This would provide LWI with even more faith based opportunities.

However, that can only happen as funding allows. Anderson says your support will produce results that are eternal.

LWI has water programs in 25 countries around the world, and expansion will require much prayer, national support and financial support for the west.

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