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Published on 26 August, 2005

Christmas in August opens doors for the Gospel in Haiti.

Haiti (MNN)–The folks at For Haiti With Love are already celebrating Christmas. Actually, it was a special party three weeks ago aimed at providing an opportunity for the Gospel.

For Haiti’s Eva DeHart explains, “This was the 17th year for the party, which funds the Christmas party on Christmas day in Haiti for the children.”

For Haiti hosts an annual Christmas party for poverty-stricken children and their parents in Northern Haiti. DeHart says they raise the money for the feast and presents in the summer, purchase the supplies and send them to their base in Haiti.

In fact, the gifts are on pallets on a ship that left for Haiti today. “You’re giving brand new gifts and a full meal and lots of celebration of Jesus’ birthday to children who may not have had the religious exposure or exposure to getting something that they like, instead of something that they need.”

On the day of the party, the Haitians put on their finest party clothes, and arrive with expectation. They are fed a hearty hot meal with a special treat at the end. Throughout the party, the meaning of Christmas and the full Gospel is shared repeatedly in songs and stories.

At the end, everyone proceeds through the lines where the gifts are piled and waiting. The children select from the toys in the pile, while mothers get to select a piece of jewelry from the donated jewelry store. And, the fathers get a T-shirt and playing cards or dominoes, a big hit in that area, because those games are their favorite pastimes.

Because the guests are selected from children who have not attended a party before, it’s a chance to witness not only to an unreached family, but to a community as well.

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