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Published on 20 March, 2013

Church leaders gather to form strategies, partnerships

Nepal (MNN) — Leaders from India, Pakistan and Nepal met last week to talk strategy.

Gospel strategy, that is.

"We believe that something very important was begun through this summit, and we want to…continue it for the glory of God," says David Shibley of Global Advance.

A total of 30 church leaders from Pakistan, India and Nepal gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal for the Tri-Nations Summit — possibly the first event of its kind. They met to pray together, reaffirm their commitment to spread the Good News in their nation and encourage one another in the face of persecution.

Though their backgrounds are different, each leader at the summit shared a common concern – how to share the Gospel in a nation hostile to Christianity.

"In each one of their contexts, [leaders] are continuing to proclaim the Gospel, and they are seeing people come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ," Shibley says.

"They committed to follow the leading of God's Spirit in forging new partnerships for the advance of the Gospel."

See all the commitments made at the Tri-Nations Summit here.

Global Advance is coming alongside church leaders with vital resources. Pray these materials would reach people who need them.

Along with pairing up to help the Gospel go further in South Asia, believers lived out Paul's charge in Romans 12:15 to 'weep with those who weep'. Muslim violence in Lahore, Pakistan occurred while Pakistani delegates were at the Tri-Nations Summit.

"It was a very moving sight to see Nepali pastors and pastors from India come and gather round those wonderful leaders from Pakistan and pray for them and weep with them," shares Shibley.

As the Summit concluded, delegates agreed to pray and fast on the third day of each month. They'll be praying for one another and for the three nations that were the focus of the Summit.

Ask God to protect the unity and partnerships formed between church leaders in Pakistan, India and Nepal. Pray church leaders would know "They're not forgotten, that they're not alone, and that the Body of Christ around the world is standing with them and praying for them."

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Call to action

  • Ask God to protect the unity and partnerships formed between church leaders.
  • Pray believers would be encouraged and refreshed despite constant persecution.

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