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Published on 01 February, 2005

Conflict and disease are the focus of an African Summit.

Africa (MNN)–Africa Union’s leaders are finishing up a two-day summit where they tackled tough issues on conflict and poverty.

Aside from tackling malaria and AIDS, the fighting in Congo, Ivory Coast and Sudan took center stage on the last day of the Summit.

Rebuilding seems a huge task, but Worldwide Christian Schools’ Dale Dieleman says they’re trying to help in the war-torn areas like Sudan, Liberia and Nigeria. “Like any recovery effort, whether it be from a tsunami or from a civil war, there are always the long-term effects on the infrastructure. When it comes to infrastructure, of course, schools are part of that.”

Dieleman explains that they’re working with indigenous groups who have identified specific areas where they can make a community impact with a small school project. “What we’re doing is partnering with them, starting small, either in refurbishing an existing building that was completely gutted by troops, or whatever, or starting right from scratch, which is mostly the case in southern Sudan.”

The rebuilt schools are known to be Christian, but the governments have often ‘overlooked’ this, and ministry happens.

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