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Published on 19 June, 2008

Evangelism team use jet boats as outreach tool in Tanzania

Tanzania (MNN) — A jet boat
helped bring a dozen people to Christ in Tanzania. 

Grace Ministries International's missionary
team took three trips to the Nangoli fishing village and shared the Gospel with
the 800 villagers. 11 men and 1 woman
came to Christ, which meant they needed discipleship.

The team is now in the process of
building a grass chapel and preparing teachers to go there by boat to help
ground new believers in the Word. For two-week
intervals, missionaries will teach the course called "Firm Foundations." It's designed to acquaint people with the God
of the Bible starting in Genesis 1:1. There are 14 men who are trained to teach this

Most of the people in this area
of Tanzania are animistic and have no idea of the God of the Bible. Their view
of sin is "being caught in the act" of doing something wrong.

New outreach and development are
taking place in the Rukwa Valley with a special focus on helping people with
clean water projects, agriculture, and evangelizing the fishing villages.

The ministry team now has 72
churches in Tanzania. Missionaries in
Tanzania are involved with the Grace Church in Tanzania in evangelism, church
planting, theological education, and community development. Continue to pray for the ministries carried on
in the Rukwa Valley.

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