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Published on 21 March, 2013

Every Child Ministries and Girls for Africa team up

Ghana (MNN) — School seems like a dream or a fairy tale for many children in Ghana. 141 million people in West Africa live on less than $2 USD per day, and that money often does not go to the kids' schooling.

That's why the Every Child Ministries (ECM) children's home, Haven of Hope, longed to expand their academy. ECM is teaming up with Girls for Africa to make this dream a reality.

They'll be completing construction of the school, adding computer technology, and enhancing educational programs emphasizing math and science.

ECM's Lorella Rouster says, "We are hoping to…graduate students that have greater educational and employment opportunities; having computer skills makes them much more employable.

"Equipping them in a job in science [gives] a view of ending the cycle of poverty in their families."

Haven of Hope Academy operates with a Christian worldview. The school accepts students from all religions and backgrounds, and they're not afraid to share the Good News.

"The school maintains a very strong Christian emphasis. So every student that attends has the chance to know Christ as Savior. They often make every effort to pass that faith on to their families," explains Rouster.

"We feel that those attempts will be more respected, better received as we provide the students more possibilities of breaking out of that cycle of poverty."

Right now, Girls for Africa is packing up a sea container for West Africa to be shipped on April 1. Click here to see a list of items you can help send. The deadline for this year's IRS receipts has passed, but you can still send donations.

You could also support the academy financially. Rouster says, "Right now, we have a donor who will match every gift that is given through the project, through the end of this month."

Click here to help ECM and Girls for Africa build a brighter future for kids in West Africa.

Prayer is a vital instrument, too. Pray that God will open the eyes and ears of students to receive the Gospel.

"We need prayer for God's guidance and help all through the project," adds Rouster.

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Call to action

  • Ask God to open the hearts of the children that attend the school.
  • Pray that the sea container will make it to West Africa safely.

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