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Published on 14 April, 2010

Faith Comes By Hearing partners with over 100 groups to provide Audio Bibles

Haiti (MNN) — It's been three months since a horrific earthquake tore apart Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area of Haiti on January 12.

After the quake, hundreds of disaster relief teams, aid agencies, NGO's and governments flooded the country with aid in the form of food, water, medical treatment and needed supplies.

As these groups ministered to the Haitians' physical needs, Faith Comes By Hearing came alongside more than 100 of these organizations to address the people's spiritual needs in the form of 3,400 solar-powered Audio Bibles, called Proclaimers.

These recordings provide the message of Christ through Scripture in the Haitians' native language of Creole, while also making the message available to the poor and illiterate.

Of the agencies that helped fund Proclaimers, one fixed 37 well pumps. Another placed a Proclaimer at a primary school, while Southeast Christian Church in Kentucky raised over $1300. A sub sandwich shop in Florida also gave almost $4800.

As Faith Comes By Hearing raises additional funds, even more Haitians will have the chance to hear about Christ and the hope He offers in their desperate situation.

For volunteer and short-term mission teams still planning trips, they can request more Audio Bibles for Haiti through the "Every Church Every Village" program. You can contact or call (800)545-6552. You can visit the FCBH Web site for more information or to learn more about this program.

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