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Published on 04 January, 2006

Fighting Haiti’s ills, one step at a time.

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti’s January 8th presidential elections have been postponed again. Haiti has struggled to keep a date for its first elections since former president Jean Bertrand Aristide was forced from office in early 2004.

Poverty and the resulting volatility present the greatest obstacles. Chaos surrounds the voting preparations, compounded by violence and kidnappings for ransom.

No new date for the first round polls has been set. Officials are still trying to deal with security concerns and many registered voters don’t yet have their electoral identification cards.

As the threat of violence threatens to erupt, there are those who are fighting the tide. For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart says their work is one small step toward building stability in the region.

A basic need is work. DeHart explains, “Construction is the key to economic recovery. So they need construction projects which, while improving the infrastructure itself, create jobs so that people can start getting money and the economy can start moving.”

The evangelistic thrust comes through the practical application of meeting needs. She adds, “In addition to our clinic and food program, as funding has been available, we always build homes for homeless people. That not only creates jobs, it gives a shining example of God’s love that stays there for the people to witness.”

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