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Published on 05 May, 2014

First Bible App for Samsung Smart TV

Int’l (FCBH/MNN) — Advancing technology is fascinating, but sometimes it is a little unnerving. What are Christians supposed to do with it? Consider this: Christians have been using advancing technology to share the Gospel since the beginning. Faith Comes by Hearing is continuing this trend, quite appropriately, with their new Samsung Smart TV app.

Image courtesy of FCBH

Image courtesy of FCBH

Faith Comes By Hearing® (FCBH) has Scripture recordings in over 800 languages, with the goal of providing free access to these recordings through as many methods as possible. They released the® app in 2010, the Deaf Bible™ app in 2012, and have the largest Audio Bible store in iTunes, where over 49 million podcasts have been downloaded. Over the last year, FCBH expanded into Internet radio and has seen over 56 million listeners through iTunes Radio, Spotify, Rhapsody, and other outlets that provide 24/7 access to their Audio Bibles. More recently, the ministry partnered with SAT-7, the largest Christian satellite broadcaster in the Middle East and North Africa, to launch the first dedicated Arabic Audio Bible channel. Joining this expanding list of digital distribution outlets is the first Bible app specifically made for Samsung Smart TVs.

The Radio Network™ is now available as a Samsung Smart TV app, which allows users to stream digital quality Audio Bible recordings through their TV in over 700 languages. In this fast-growing market, where some experts say ‘85% of all flat-panel TVs will be internet-connected Smart TVs by 2016,’ this is a very logical next step for a ministry committed to leading-edge technology and digital distribution.

As is the case with all of FCBH apps and other digital expressions, the app for Samsung is powered by the Digital Bible Platform, an expansive collection of digital Bible content that is also made freely available to developers and ministry partners through an application programming interface (API).

As a result of their open API, more than 200 developers have been given access to the Digital Bible Platform and the bountiful Bible content available there. Examples include Kolo Africa, Divinely, and the John Ankerberg Web site, with more than 40 translator and national Bible Society partner apps currently active as well.

In addition, hundreds of radio partners around the world are enjoying the open access that gives them rich, dramatized quality Audio Bible recordings to broadcast over their airways as they reach their listening audience with the Gospel in their own language.

Gospel sharing is not dependent on technology in any way; God has the power to reach people through any medium. However, he has provided this resource, and it is responsible for Christians to use technology in this way.

If you would like to find out more about FCBH apps, click here. Ask God to be preparing hearts of the potential users of this app.

5 responses to “First Bible App for Samsung Smart TV”

  1. James says:

    Thank God for your site. I need the application as soon as you can send it. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the application.

  3. Keith says:

    Can you please tell me how to find the app for my Samsung smart tv to download it

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