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Published on 22 March, 2013

GAiN fights water crisis around the world

International (MNN/GAiN) — Today is World Water Day. For most of us who live in developed countries, clean water is not issue. Faucets overrun
with safe water and grocery stores stock bottles of water daily.

this isn’t the case for everyone. Nearly 1 billion
people in the world still lack access to clean water, and every 15
seconds a child dies as a result of drinking contaminated water.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is helping to address this urgent need worldwide. They are providing sustainable,
clean-water initiatives in 30 countries, choosing the most appropriate
water solution for the community and culture in which they serve. Primarily
this is through well-drilling or providing homes with a simple filter
system that is both highly-effective and low-maintenance.

GAiN also provides sanitation education and hygiene training. Global Aid Network Water Projects Manager Andrew Beach has spent the last two weeks in Honduras and Guatemala training over 20 local staff and volunteers. These trainees will then teach water sanitation and hygiene in the communities they serve. "There's just a real desire to have clean water because it's an expensive commodity here," he says.

"Our real hope is to provide in-home sources of clean water, to be able to interact with families, to spend personal time, and to build relationships with the families."

Through these relationships, GAiN workers are also able to share the love of Christ.

"The principles of water, and the difference between pure water and contaminated water, are a perfect analogy for the Gospel," says Beach.

Pray that the gift of clean water leads people to the Living Water of Christ.

Click here to see the many ways can get involved.


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  • Pray that the gift of clean water leads people to the Living Water of Christ.

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  • Want to Change the World? PRAY.