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Published on 26 January, 2010

Gospel to reach Haitian children and their families

Haiti (MNN) — People from all across the globe are coming together to help the people of Haiti after the recent massive earthquake. Many are bringing the physical aid necessary for people to survive, but no matter how much help and love is received, it will all be for naught if the people of Haiti are not directed to  their source of true Hope.

Many ministries are making it their priority to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to Haitians suffering in and through this tragedy. OneHope has already been working with multiple partners to bring food, water, shelter and other supplies to those affected by the quake. Now, they are doing their best to flood the country with the Word of God.

OneHope has reached hundreds of millions of children with the Gospel worldwide by means of its Book of Hope. The booklet explains the Gospel in the heart language of the child in a way that is easy to understand. Often as children begin to grasp the hope of a Savior, their parents and other family members read the booklet as well, and entire families are transformed for Christ.

Due to the immediate crisis in Haiti, OneHope is trying to provide an additional 500,000 copies of the Book of Hope for the youth in Haiti. Until the end of January, any gift you make toward this effort in Haiti will be matched up to a total of $300,000. Booklets will be distributed through OneHope's various partners along with food and other aid.

If you would like to have your donation matched to provide 500,000 copies of a clear Gospel message to the children of Haiti, click here. Pray that many Haitians would respond to Christ as a result of these books and that the Lord would provide true hope they need to sustain this tragedy.

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