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Published on 29 May, 2006

Groups produce more effective Christian television programming for the Arab world and beyond.

Cyprus (MNN) — Throughout the Arab world, Christian television reaches thousands of people with the Gospel.

At SAT-7′s broadcast headquarters in Cyprus, Interserve is sharing some of their staff with SAT-7 in order to help launch new programming and expand God’s work.

Interserve’s John Kennedy says the partnership is furthering SAT-7′s reach. “They’ve actually now broadened their footprint outside of the Arabic language to also begin doing programming for the Iranian Farsi speakers as well as Turkish speakers with ministries and programming that are a part of SAT-7 but kind of sister organizations and they’re helping them get launched and off the ground.”

Workers receive a flood of correspondence from viewers, many who say they’ve made decisions for Christ through watching the SAT-7 broadcasts. Many others who are already Christians write to say they’re encouraged and challenged through the broadcasts.

Television programming is expensive to produce, and funding is a major need. Another need is for workers, because there is so much to do. It is making a difference, and Kennedy says the staff are doing a tremendous work despite challenges. “Getting it out is one thing, but then responding to all those that do ask for resources or information or questions about who Jesus is. And just having the people both to handle the correspondence but then on the ground in those countries where those listeners come from that they can eventually connect to.”

“Pray that they would not become weary in well doing. They’re doing a tremendous work. They’re producing high-quality programming that presents the Gospel often very directly as well as sometimes very creatively and indirectly at different age levels, and just that they would continue to be able to have that creativity and vision and energy that they need to keep doing that.”

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