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Published on 14 January, 2014

Haiti: Four years later

At least 300,000 people were killed by Haiti's 2010 earthquake.  (Image courtesy Starfysh)

At least 300,000 people were killed by Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.
(Image courtesy Starfysh)

Haiti (MNN) — Most people can remember a day in their lives when everything changed. For Haitians, that day is January 12, 2010. Destruction from that day’s massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake had many seeking answers and finding God.

But how are the people of Haiti doing four years later?

Ministries working in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation are sharing updates.

With a team in Haiti when the earthquake struck, Baptist Haiti Mission was uniquely positioned to provide immediate help. The Fermathe Hospital is located near BHM’s compound and was handling many quake-related injuries in the immediate aftermath.

3 years ago today a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti. Today we are blessed to see smiling faces and the gospel making an impact throughout the nation.  (Image, caption courtesy BHM)

3 years ago today, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Haiti. Today we are blessed to see smiling faces and the Gospel making an impact throughout the nation.
(Image, caption courtesy BHM)

“We’ve had several new missionary families that the Lord has blessed us with since the earthquake, so we’ve got a very strong missionary staff there,” BHM’s Ron Sparks said in July 2013.

“We’ve got new programs that we’re opening and operating, and we want to keep moving ahead with those as the Lord blesses.”

Driven by the Gospel and relationships, BHM’s ministry centers around training and equipping people to support themselves financially and make disciples of Jesus. See specific ways this goal is put into action.

Many quake survivors ventured across Canal de Saint-Marc in 2010 from the quake’s epicenter, Port-au-Prince, to the tiny island of La Gonave. In the weeks following the quake, Starfysh sent tarps to a tent city that had formed atop one of La Gonave’s hills.

Fast-forward four years, and nothing has changed.

Quake survivors are still living in tiny shanties with only the clothes on their backs. Starfysh is pulling together more resources and short-term mission teams to bring clean water and sustainable solutions to this community.

Immediately following the 2010 earthquake, GAIN sent over a million meals to survivors.  (Image courtesy GAIN)

Immediately following the 2010 earthquake, GAiN sent over a million meals to survivors.
(Image courtesy GAiN)

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is another ministry with relief and development work in Haiti. Thanks to the Lord’s provision, they had over a million meals ready for shipment immediately following the earthquake.

Today, GAiN continues to share God’s love in Haiti by meeting medical, physical, and spiritual needs. Last year around this time, a short-term missions team helped rebuild homes, attended to patients’ needs through a mobile vision clinic, and most importantly, shared the Gospel.

Pray for each group and the people of Haiti as they journey with God on the long road of recovery.

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Call to action

  • Ask the Lord to sustain each group's Gospel work in Haiti.
  • Pray for spiritual growth as Haitians and ministries labor together.

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