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Published on 29 August, 2006

HCJB reaching unreached with suitcase transmitters

USA (MNN) — There are billions around the world who have yet to hear the Good New of Jesus Christ. In many areas, the number of Christians available to preach the Gospel is limited, or evangelism is prohibited. These are the areas where radio is most effective.

HCJB World Radio is helping nationals establish Christian radio as a way to reach the lost and disciple believers. Manager of their radio planting department at their Elkhart, Indiana engineering center is Curt Bender. “We come alongside them and help them by providing technical assistance, training in how to run a radio station, how to produce programs and then basically we’ll even go and install the stations and get them up and running.”

HCJB World radio has designed and developed transmitters that can be carried into a country in a suitcase. Bender says this has enabled HCJB to help millions hear the Gospel. “We estimate 300 broadcast sites are on air, or have come on air, as a result of the radio planting ministry. There are over 100 countries (where) we have assisted local Christian groups.”

Since radio transmissions don’t recognize country borders, radio continues to be a very effective evangelistic and discipleship tool in creative access nations. But, Bender says there is a problem. “There are still so many people out there that are in a position to start a radio ministry, but are lacking the funding. So, what we can do to help provide the funding that’s necessary, we try to do that.”

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