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Published on 19 April, 2007

Help Orphans in Belarus

Belarus (MNN) —  There is always a need for food, clothing, and medicine at orphanages in Belarus.  But when caretakers and directors there were asked to dream a little bigger, what did they ask for?

GAIN USA asked them to do just that, and they came up with a list that was surprising. Among the things they asked for were refrigerators so that food would not spoil so quickly, water heaters so children could have hot baths, and washing machines so caretakers didn't have to wash all clothes and diapers by hand. 

Caretakers are usually required to be creative when it comes to providing for the needs of the children. They often turn to local churches for help. The churches then turn to GAIN who offers the Orphan Home Improvement ministry.

By providing pastors in Belarus with these items to give to the caretakers, it opens up doors for evangelism. When they can offer something to help the children, it leads the caretakers to ask why they have been so generous. If pastors can then share Christ's unconditional love with the caretakers, the caretakers may then share it with the children.

If you would like to be a part of ministering to children in orphanages like this, GAIN is bringing a mission team to Belarus in June. The trip will bring you to orphanages, summer camps, and hospitals. You will distribute compassionate aid and gifts, share Christ, and assist in encouraging local churches and missionaries. 

Viit their Web site to learn more about the trip as well as donating to the Orphan Home Improvement project.

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