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Published on 16 February, 2006

Hindu extremists in India call for a national anti-conversion law.

India (MNN)–Hindu nationalists are making yet another push for a national anti-conversion law in India.

Leaders introduced their resolution at the Shabri Kumbh, a ‘re-awakening’ event. It was geared toward getting people to re-convert back to Hindusim. The rally took place last weekend in Western Gujarat State.

Open Doors’ Jerry Dykstra says there’s reason for concern and it means persecution could get worse. “They really want to drive out the Christians. Because they equate Christianity with the West. So, there’s a growing national movement by the extreme Hindus to push out Christians.”

Hindu rally participants expressed concern at what they described as mass conversion of Dalits and tribals to Christianity. Until central legislation gets through, militant leaders are calling on the states to enact their own stringent anti-conversion laws.

The language is inflammatory and Christians targeted for attacks in the past are afraid the Kumbh will be followed by another reign of terror.

Dykstra says a national anti-conversion law would make their work difficult. “A national law, obviously, would have a tremendous negative effect on Christianity and mission work there. We just need to pray that won’t happen. Really the goal of radical Hindus is to turn India in a pure Hindu nation.”

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