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Published on 03 January, 2005

India’s government says ‘no’ to outside help; national believers rise to the need.

India (MNN)–India’s government has rejected outside tsunami relief. Their refusal does not include agencies and nongovernment organizations already working in the region.
AMG International’s Paul Jenks says their response is mainly in Andhra Pradesh. “We have many national workers that work right there along the beach among the fishing villages. Because, in the past, there have been problems with cyclones, on many occasions, we have quite a bit of experience in bringing relief to those villages.”

AMG teams have already started the distribution of needy items to the victims in these villages. They have distributed rations, clothes and other needy items to nearly 700 families in villages near Machilipatnam,
Krishna District. They’ve also already moved to help fishermen in Adivipallipalem. Near Chirala, they have provided them with cooked food, and distributed rations
and other things.

Teams are distributing rations in Pottisubbayyapalem and Ramapuram villages. The AMG area spokesman says District Collectors have more confidence in AMG because they respond to the need immediately and also because they do the work sincerely and honestly.

Teams of workers not only take these items to the villages but distribute them after prayer, Bible reading and preaching the Gospel, where they speak about the compassion and love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jenks says now, more than ever, hearts are open to the Gospel. “God is in control, and that’s part of the message that is being given, even as these rations and clothing items are given out is that there is a place where they can find peace and a sense of safety and solace, and that is in Jesus Christ.”

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