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Published on 28 February, 2013

Indonesia: Is it still a majority Muslim nation?

USA (MNN) — Two campaigns. Two different outcomes. Muslims in Indonesia raised $2 million to counter the progress Christians are having in leading people to Christ in Indonesia. Pioneers is also raising $2 million to continue their work for the Gospel in Indonesia, and with unreached people groups.

Nathan Burns, Global Project Coordinator for Pioneers, says Muslims in Indonesia started their campaign because they're concerned that Pioneers and other organizations are making progress — "even to the point of working the numbers themselves to say they're worried that in 2025, Indonesia might not be a majority Muslim country."

Burns says that's why Pioneers has started the Frontline Initiative. What is it? "We want to see 235 more missionaries this year. As well, we'd like to launch seven more Church Planting Ministry trainings, and out of that we think we can see another 200 or more Bible studies started with peopl–Muslims–who are seeking truth."

That takes money. Burns says somebody is stepping forward to help. "A faithful partner of ours put up a million dollar matching grant to help us to do this kind of work that has been so successful in Indonesia." The deadline for raise the money is August.

That means your contribution is being matched dollar-for-dollar. Burns says your support will also help "to overcome the opposition of Muslim groups who are opposing us in Indonesia, who just raised $2 million themselves this past year to stop the spread of Christianity."

Indonesia is just one area where Pioneers is working. Burns says, "Over the last 10 years, Pioneers has been able to place missionaries in over 60 unreached people groups. Each year, the number of unreached people groups we're able to reach for the first time with the Gospel continues to increase."

Burns thinks he knows why Muslims are turning to Christ. "Muslims are hungry for answers, and they're seeking what is the truth."

If you can help contribute to the Pioneers Frontline Initiative or you're feeling called to join the effort physically, click here.

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