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Published on 18 February, 2014

Latest Boko Haram attacks include Christian village

Borno State of Nigeria (Photo from Wikimedia commons

Borno State of Nigeria (Photo from Wikimedia commons _Borno_State_map.png)

Nigeria (MNN) — Killing over 100 people, the Boko Haram are suspected in the attack of a small farming village, Izghe, in Borno, Nigeria. E3 Partners says that the goal of the Boko Haram is to create a strict Islamic state. The mostly-Christian village of Izghe was an obvious target this past Saturday.

According to CNN, male residents of the village were the main target of shootings Saturday evening. Nearby villages were heavily evacuated, and Izghe looted and burned. sheds some light on the frustration of the locals. So far, little if any action has been taken by the government to deal with the constant attacks in that area, and members of the community are speaking out. Many villagers are still missing as a result of the invasion. One resident estimates that nearly 100 terrorists came into the village with sophisticated weapons.

Nigeria is #14 on the Open Doors World Watch List.

CNN reports that a second attack occurred earlier during the day in the fishing village, Doron Baga. Again, the culprits were suspected to be the Boko Haram.

E3 is praying for these Christians. Posted on their 8Thirty8 page yesterday: “Thank You, Lord, that in difficult times, ‘Your light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ We claim this, this morning.”

Would you join with E3 in prayer this week?

2 Responses to “Latest Boko Haram attacks include Christian village”

  1. Standing with you in prayer for the people in Nigeria and for all Christians world wide experiencing persecution. Minister Adams

  2. Your Name says:

    God is about transforming Northern Nigeria through persecution. Lets continue to pray for God’s purpose in this regard.

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Call to action

  • Pray for comfort and hope for the residents of Izghe.
  • Pray for the cessation of violence in these areas--especially due to the Boko Haram.
  • Pray that during this difficult time, many would turn their hearts and eyes to Jesus.

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