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Published on 13 May, 2011

Malawians turn to Christ, station trip successful

Malawi (MNN) — A few weeks ago we told you about a radio station in Michigan who took a team to Malawi on a medical missions/evangelism trip. They're back, and according to their Mid-Morning Music Break host Pete Lathrop, God blessed.

"For over six days we were able to see over 2,000 Malawian people. And during their stay at the clinic, we were able to minister to them the Gospel."

WLJN partnered with Finish Line Ministries, which has established more than 300 churches in and around Malawi. According to Lathrop, while the medical team help provide physical aid, the rest of the team used the JESUS Video and the spoken word to share Christ.

According to Lathrop, many turned to Christ. "We estimate that between 500 and 600 people came to Christ and found salvation through the message of the Gospel during our stay in Malawi."

Since the clinics were held next to the local church, Lathrop says, "Once those who receive Christ and made a profession of faith, we introduced them to the pastor of the church already established in their village and say, 'This is the place where you can grow in Christ. You can have fellowship with other believers.'"

Lathrop is encouraging other Christian radio station to begin hosting trips like this, if you're not already. He says it's a great way to get all the listeners thinking about outreach. "You have literally the entire listening family in one form or fashion getting themselves involved either by prayer, or by being involved in the Facebook page or whatever you do for the trip. There's a sincere ownership by your audience."

If you'd like to see pictures and hear the daily reports from the trip, click here.


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