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Published on 10 November, 2004

Maoist rebel threats force missionary couple to leave Nepal

Nepal (MNN) — Maoist rebels are becoming more active and that activity is forcing a missionary couple out of Nepal. That’s the word from Jim Long. He’s the regional administrator for South Asia with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism .

“We’ve decided for safety reasons to move them out of Nepal for at least six months so that things can settle down. The Maoist activity has heated up and they are targeting places in the Katmandu valley which has not been true in the past,” says Long.

Long explains why the couple has been forced out. “They’ve had (a) money demand given to them and we just want to take a lower profile in the area right now. That’s why we’re taking them out of there.”

The couple has been pretty successful in the world’s only Hindu kingdom. Long says, “They were involved in a church planting ministry. We’ve seen the church grow from a very small nucleus of people to (a) pretty big (congregation). They have already established a daughter church. And, they’ve also been responsible for starting an orphanage.”

We asked Long if he thought the evacuation would affect the ministry. “I’m praying and hoping that it will grow and strengthen even with them gone, because of a management team at the church and also some trained nationals involved in the orphanage.”

Pray that the rebel activity will subside and that the missionary couple will be able to return.

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