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Published on 28 February, 2011

Matching grant could bring in $3.5 million for the Gospel

International (MNN) — If you knew that you could feed nearly eight families with the $30 it normally costs to feed one, would you do it?

Medical Teams International has an opportunity to unlock $3.5 million in grants if they can raise $500,000. In other words, "For every dollar that someone gives, we are able actually then to generate another $7.50 to help," says Bas Vanderzalm with Medical Teams International.

Of course, it's only worth giving if the ministry is using the money in worthwhile, God-glorifying ways. So where exactly will this extra funding be going?

"The funding will help us care for orphan children in Uzbekistan; we'll be able to reach out to children who are suffering from AIDS and HIV in Uganda; we'll be able to help children who are dying from preventable diseases in Liberia," explains Vanderzalm. "So we'll be caring for those that Jesus called' the least of these.'"

Essentially, the grants will allow Medical Teams International to build upon the work they've already been doing: "Sending our medical teams, providing medicines and medical supplies, helping mothers and fathers to learn what to do when their children are sick, reducing child mortality, and addressing issues related to HIV and AIDS."

Their humanitarian efforts would be in vain, however, if Christ were not a part of the equation. Medical Teams International's dedication to the Gospel as they work, however, is clearly evident.

"We desire not only to meet physical needs, but we want to do this in the name of Christ," says Vanderzalm. "We hope that as a result of that, people will come to faith in Jesus."

As you give to this exciting opportunity, funds will be immediately unlocked. So there won't be a delay between the time you give and the time your gifts are used. The matching opportunity lasts only through June, though, so plan soon how you can contribute.

If you would like to be a part of this effort, click here or call 1-800-959-4325. Hear more about this opportunity in a full interview with Bas Vanderzalm and MNN's Greg Yoder.

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