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Published on 27 September, 2013

Matching grant to double impact of the Gospel in the Republic of Georgia

Russia (MNN) — The Northern Caucasus region of Eurasia is fraught with tensions between Georgia and Russia, tensions that often end violently. These violent encounters have even called for martyrdom of Christians.

While the Republic of Georgia is recognized as Christian, their religion has more to do with their national pride and identity apart from Russia than their faith. Much of the surrounding area is Islamic, creating even more resistance to the Gospel.

Russian Ministries is an organization devoted to reaching Eurasia with the Bible and providing knowledge to pursue a real relationship with Christ.

An unnamed donor recently gave Russian Ministries $75,000 for a matching grant campaign. This money, if matched, will go to pay for three new Scripture projects.

One of the endeavors is to reach the youth of the Republic of Georgia through a Georgian New Testament. It will be written in contemporary Georgian language, a move that will cater to Georgia's need for separate identity.

As with many projects from Russian Ministries, this New Testament will contain supplementary material to inspire the readers. This includes testimonies of young Georgians who have new lives because of their decision to follow Christ. Some of these youths have visited summer Bible camps where they heard the Gospel.

Russian Ministries believes that this project in particular will be a powerful means of evangelism for the youth of Georgia. If the financial goal is met, Russian Ministries will be able print and circulate 10,000 copies as well as fund two other projects not yet revealed.

Pray that the funds to match $75,000 will be provided and that the New Testament will reach many with the Good News of Christ. To donate, click here.

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