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Published on 22 June, 2007

Millions of children will hear God’s Word

Uganda (MNN) — World Bible Translation Center is nearing its goal for the Uganda Bible Project it started last year. 

The fund currently stands at $874,836, with an end goal of $1,132,000. 

Uganda's First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni, has chosen WBTC's Easy-to-Read Bible for distribution in the country. It will include a reference in the front cover on the topics of integrity, love, marriage, faithfulness, purity and abstinence. 

The First Lady requested the help of WBTC last year to provide every school teacher in Uganda with a Bible for daily readings in their classes. The education law in Uganda allows this. With an average of 30 students per class, the completion of the project could mean 8,773,000 students and teachers engage in the Word every day.  

Since her request and the progress of the project, Mrs. Museveni has written a letter of thanks.  "I believe this is a great blessing from God as He continues to bring about revival in our country," she wrote. "With the help of God, we are standing against Satan's attempt to destroy our families and the health of our people."

The first phase of distribution will be to primary and secondary teachers. The third phase will be to private and trade-school teachers. 

Help give millions of children the opportunity to hear God's word here.

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