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Published on 13 July, 2009

Muslim mob attacks Christians in Kasur.

Pakistan (MNN) — Recent violent
attacks on the Christian community in Pakistan are continuing.

After accusing of blasphemy, a Muslim religious leader
whipped a mob into a frenzy and led them on an attack on a Christian village June

The mob destroyed Christians' houses, looted valuables, and
tortured believers, beating one man to death. In the aftermath, at least 110 Christian families, almost 700 people,
were forced to flee. The families sought safety in the fields surrounding their

The government claims it is
providing equal rights to religious minorities, including Christians. "Not so," says Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs. "It's great to say afterward,
'Yes, we want to help you, and we want to make this right.' How much better
would it be to actually provide some protection or put a stop to these attacks
before they happen?" 

In Pakistan, religious minorities
are frequently faced with accusations and charges of blasphemy for
disrespecting the last prophet of Muslims. From this recent incident, Muslims have registered blasphemy cases
against 11 believers.

Although it's risky, people are
still coming to Christ. Voice of the
Martyrs is still standing alongside the remnant church. Nettleton explains that "Voice of the
Martyrs works with the Christians in Pakistan, and in some cases, we are also
coming in afterward to try to help them put their lives back

It's an opportunity for
ministry. "When Christians respond
with love and with forgiveness to incidents like this, that can be an
incredible spark for revival because the Muslims look at that and they say,
'Wait a minute. How are these people able to respond that way? How are they
still able to love us?'"

Pray that persecutors throughout
Pakistan will be challenged by the consistent testimony of Christ's followers
and be drawn to Him.

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