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Published on 07 April, 2014

New partnership leads to more Gospel opportunities

Rwanda (MNN) — Thanks to a new partnership, 60,000 Rwandans will soon have consistently-clean water. Living Water International is partnering with SweetSense to install sensors in over 200 clean water pumps. It’s a win-win situation on multiple levels; not only will repair work be more efficient, Living Water workers will have more Gospel opportunities.

The SweetSense sensors will make sure installed pumps are working correctly, sending an alert by cell phone when they aren’t. This should drastically cut-down on repair time, because workers will be notified instantly when repairs need to be made.

LWI Photo of the year 1544572_10151901184081593_2115942766_nBy spending less time on repairs, the Living Water Rwanda team will have more time to dig wells in new communities. Since each project opens doors to share the Gospel, this means more opportunities to reach the unreached for Christ.

Each Living Water project brings the community and the Body of Christ together. The water ministry works hand-in-hand with local churches to dig wells and teach villagers about physical water. As relationships are established, one-on-one conversations eventually lead to the living water of Jesus Christ.

Through the process, lives are being transformed physically and spiritually.

Living Water began its work in Rwanda seven years ago. They worked with local churches to begin a well program in Rugando, a village located about a half-hour outside Rwanda’s capital city. In 2009, Living Water began providing health and hygiene training to nationals so they could teach communities about the value of sanitation.

By 2014, Living Water had completed 200 well projects in the Western Province, Southern Province, and an area close to the capital city. Now, they are looking to move into the next stage of their Rwanda program.

As Living Water Rwanda transitions into the next phase of growth, pray for wisdom for ministry leaders. Pray that the SweetSense sensors will free up Gospel workers to reach new communities.

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Call to action

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for ministry leaders.
  • Pray that the sensors will free up Gospel workers to reach new communities.

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