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Published on 27 January, 2010

Open door between France and Brazil help La Fonderie ministry

France (MNN) — Gustavo and Dalila Faleiro saw a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with the inhabitants of France and are heading there as soon as support is raised.

For years, relations between France and Brazil have been strong, and with a defense pact between the countries signed on Dec. 24, 2008, their alliance has grown stronger within the last year.

Currently residing in Rio de Janeiro–the capital of Brazil, Gustavo Faleiro speaks of this relationship, "We are having a great, great moment in terms of politics. Brazil and France are having a lot of agreement. A lot of French people are coming to Brazil; a lot of Brazilians are going to France. So, I really believe that God's opened a beautiful door for us as Brazilians."

Thus, the Brazilian couple expects a warm welcome, as they look for God to do wonderful things through them when they arrive.

Once in France, the Faleiros will help out with La Fonderie, a ministry whose purpose is "to reach French people for Christ by encouraging, inspiring, and discipling Christians working in the arts and creative professions," according to the Web site of The Mission Society.

Jim and Angela Beise began La Fonderie in 2001. Today, they minister in three different areas: during artist gatherings, through art and cultural spaces and with community worship gatherings.

This ministry and the Faleiros are responding to a huge need in Paris.

"They have what we call a 'post-Christian' community–one that sometimes [thinks they don't] need Jesus any more, and [it's] something for their grandpas, but not for them," Faleiro said.

Therefore, they hope that as they form relationships with the French and engage in the common interest of art, they will be able to share Christ's love and show them how relevant He is to their lives today.

So far, the Faleiros have raised a third of their support needed. You can help them out by visiting The Mission Society Website, one their partners in this venture. You can also check out the Web site to learn more about the ministry of La Fonderie and the Faleiros.

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