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Published on 18 October, 2013

Opening the door to peace

On some popular TV shows, there are three doors; behind one of those doors lies a “grand prize.” A contestant picks one door, hoping to win the grand prize.

If you were on a show like this and you opened a door hiding something you’ve always wanted– how would that make you feel? For ReachGlobal Crisis Response, their dream door was opened!

With a grand opening on October 12, their new Open Doors Friendship Centre began its work in Birmingham, England. The facility is a “neutral” place of peace, where Christians can show the love of God to their mostly-Muslim neighborhood and simply be a blessing to the community.

“As Christians, God has called us to be a blessing to the community and to love our neighbors,” says John Johnson, one of the organizers of the Friendship Centre and a longtime resident of Birmingham.

“Our desire is to serve the community in the name of Christ, and we hope that people will benefit, and we’re also hoping for opportunities to discuss one another’s faith. In the context of a neutral facility, we want to create opportunities where for ordinary believers can build friendships with ordinary Muslims while meeting community needs.”

Located in the city’s Small Heath area, the Friendship Centre is offering many activities, such as drop-in chia-and-chat time for women, an afterschool club for local children, conversational English classes for adults, and litter pick-up in the surrounding area.

As all these new programs and activities get underway, leaders hope to get enough volunteers and funds to continue to keep these programs running, and build up funding for future programs. Leaders want to launch as many programs as possible so they can reach out to the current 90-percent Pakistani Muslim community around the Centre.

Pray for the Friendship Centre as they continue to reach out to Muslims in their community and for Christians to step up and connect. Pray that the Lord’s work there will prosper and affect many into knowing Christ.

To donate and help the Friendship Centre build up their funds again, click here.

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  • Pray that the Lord’s work there will prosper and affect many into knowing Christ.

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