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Published on 16 February, 2005

Operation Mobilization is helping in the tsunami region through psychological and spiritual counseling.

India (MNN) — More problems are arising for survivors of the December tsunami in India. Operation Mobilization’s Dr. Patrick Railey says while medical care appears under control, a recent visit to the southern tip of India reveals psychological trauma is now coming to the surface.

“The greatest need ongoing there is counseling. The people, are just in many places paralyzed with their grief.”

Railey says they discovered during their visit to a number of fishing villages, that fear takes many forms. “We’ve got a lot of folks suffering with survivor grief. ‘My family got taken from me and I didn’t, why?’ ‘Why am I still here?’ ‘I feel guilt because of that.’ A lot of sleep issues. Scared of the tsunami coming back again.”

Because of that, Railey says OM will begin work in two phases. The first is to offer counseling services and to do that while continuing to assist physical needs.

The hope is that through the counseling, many people will begin to see hope come through a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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