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Published on 12 October, 2011

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s apostasy case annulled

Iran (MNN) — Reports were released yesterday indicating that pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been issued a retrial in Iran.

Up until yesterday, Nadarkhani's life was in the grip of the Iranian government. He was set to be executed any day for alleged apostasy from Islam. Now it seems as though he may have another chance.

Mission Network News has been following the plight of Nadarkhani for months. The pastor was arrested in October of 2009 when he protested his son's school teaching the boy the ways of Islam.

Since then, Nadarkhani has had a series of trials, but only in the last couple weeks has his life been completely at stake.

The case has gained a great deal of international attention. Voice of the Martyrs had petitions going, as did several other Christian and legal associations. International figureheads have urged the Iranian government to put a stop to the injustice Nadarkhani faced.

It appears that the pressure and prayers have worked. The court has not only ordered a retrial, but is, according to FOX News, seeking the opinion of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei–the Islamic nation's spiritual leader and highest authority–on the case.

Jordan Sekulow with
The American Center for Law and Justice believes this is a direct result of the international pressure applied to the Iranian government.

Continue to pray for Nadarkhani and his family. The precedent set by Nadarakhani's execution could be detrimental not only for the pastor's family, but for all believers in Iran. Pray that the pastor would be set free and that the Gospel would continue to be lived out.

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